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Training: Square to Hexagon

Let's distort a Square into a Hexagon. Point at the slides.

    This is a normal squared set. Heads are couples #1 and #3, and Sides are couples #2 and #4. A Hexagon has six sides, so we need to insert two more positions into our four-sided square. We'll split the square between the Head man and his Corner.

  • To start making room we'll rotate positions 2, 3 and 4 clockwise 30 degrees. Notice that the little square grids between the Head lady and her Corner distort to form little diamonds.

  • Positions 3 and 4 rotate clockwise 30 degrees.

  • Position 4 rotates clockwise 30 degrees. Notice that the #4 couple is directly across from the #1 Head couple, but #4 is still a Side couple. Couples #2 and #3 also retain their original Head or Side designations.

  • We added position 5, a Head position, as are all the odd positions.

  • Finally, we added position 6, a Side position, as are all the even positions. We have six positions and six sides of a polygon: a HEXAGON.

  • Lets add couple #5, a Head couple.

  • Lets add couple #6, a Side couple. Notice that in Hexagons, Side couples are directly opposite Head couples.

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